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The Reed Contains a Calf

Pony's don't like some kinds of grass, including dead grass. Ten-year-old Rianne also knows everything about cows: They really like playing together or lying in the meadow.

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Foreign Correspondents


Annie Muilwijk

How nice it is to see and hear about how a ten-year-old girl interacts with her pony and the cows on the farm.

She already has a good understanding of grass, and she’s clearly alert when she’s in the stall with the cows.

You’re great, Rianne! The most important thing is to continue enjoying your life on the farm. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll become a famous painter of cows.

Best wishes,

Annie Muilwijk, Canada.


Geraldine Nooter

Although things are going well with Radio Oostvaart, not all news is good. Last week we heard that the mother of one of our foreign correspondents had died of a stroke.

Geraldine Nooter’s mother was French; she lived in Provence and had many animals including doves, chickens, ponies and dogs. Geraldine believes that her mother would have loved our project.

Radio Oostvaart wishes Geraldine and her family both strength and support in this difficult time.

Esther Polak

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