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The Ducklings Take a Quick Nap

Yes, it's marvellous. I can sit on that pile of straw over there and just take it all in.

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Foreign Correspondents


Diny Frauwenknecht

Today’s reaction is on behalf of one of our employees, who I’ve been helping to find her way around the internet. I got her to download and view the clips on the Radio Oostvaart website.

Her first reaction was: 'All meat; those animals would be eaten here.' She also thought that the cats were pregnant because they’re much fatter than the ones here. She already knew that people in the Netherlands keep cats and dogs as pets, but she’d never heard of pet rats!

Her next reaction to the clips about the people with pets was: 'So there are other people who talk like that to their animals!' I wrote last week about how we don’t spoil our dogs as much as the people in the films. However, according to her, we talk to our dogs in exactly the same way!

'The people in the clips are crazy about their animals and their pets don’t get eaten', she said in amazement. 'Do people in the Netherlands import all the meat that they eat?' I showed her the clip of the farmer with the ducks because I knew that they were being bred to be eaten. She was delighted to see that someone - who was breeding ducks in a commercial way - also cared a great deal about his animals.

Greetings from Jos,


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