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A Kiss for Tommie

Anouar's rat is called Tommie. He's just seven weeks old and today he's going to school.

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Foreign Correspondents


Mark Muilwijk

I really enjoyed watching how Anouar interacts with his pets; itís wonderful to see how much he loves those animals. But, as a farmerís son, Iím aware that my idea of loving a pet is different from what I see in most of the vodcasts. For instance, I feel sorry for all those rabbits, hamsters and rats cooped up in their tiny cages because they have little chance of developing. A rabbit digs tunnels and can really race about Ė things that a creature in a hutch will never be able to do.

Farmers treat animals in a different way than city people do. They deal with them in a more matter-of-fact way, they donít spoil them so much but they do make sure that they have a good life. The average Canadian pet owner is much like his Dutch equivalent. Just as in the Netherlands, we also have large pet shops with a wide variety of foodstuffs, kennels and the suchlike, and toys.

Greetings from Canada,

Mark Muilwijk

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