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The Dog as Thermometer

When my kids get sick, Bimbo - the big one - whines outside the bedroom door. When I go and take a look, it turns out that the kid’s got a temperature or an ear ache…

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Foreign Correspondents


Diny Frauenknecht

It's interesting to watch the clips from the perspective of Nigeria. I really care about our two dogs but I don't think that I would spend the whole day spoiling them like the people in the clips. Our dogs are primarily guard dogs although that can cause dilemmas: I'm scared to leave the dogs alone outside the house because we live in an area where people like to eat dog kebab! There are even 'dog kidnappers'! Our dogs never need to be let out because they're always outside, although they can come into the house during the day if they want to. If they want to play, they grab an orange from the tree and throw it at my feet. Most of the people around us wouldn't understand that you could really care about an animal. Animals have a different function: they're here to be butchered, to guard or to catch rats. I know hardly any people with dogs that are allowed to come into the house, although it is not unusual to keep chickens in your house. The reason is probably that dogs can survive in the rain, and chickens do need some kind of protection against the elements. Moreover, it's cheaper to keep chickens in your house than to build a coop!


Inga Racinska, Latvia

Dogs and ara. Both stories made me think about people and their need for communication with animals. Dogs, cats, aras, rats, anyone that loves us and that we can love trully. From this point of view it is very sad to look at the world, when habitats of many animals are still being destroyed by humans in the name of development. At the same time we see that even in most developed countries (I count Netherlands as one of them) what people really need is not about development, it is about love and simple communication - with nature and animals in it.

Inga Racinska, Latvia

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