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The Most Sought-After Bird in the Netherlands

Gamekeepers Teun and Jan burst out laughing when Esther decided to make sound recordings in the Oostvaardersplassen. Why? Because an exceptional bird had appeared at that very moment… 

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Inga Racinska

This is such as touching story about people who finally understand what is that makes them really happy! We need such stories to believe that nature conservation is not only for biologists, ecologists and alike. It is for people, although they may not realize it sometimes.

We have still many buzzards in Latvia, but few bird watchers. The less buzzards you have left, the more birdwatchers appear - isn't that a very strange coincidence?

And you know, I think that those who work for nature conservation
actually are very happy people (even if they are not paid as much as those working for other sectors) as their daily work is also their hobby, their way of living, their passion!

Inga Racinska

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