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The Rat Who Is Always Up for a Tasty Snack

Paula has pet rats. "Little Piggy," is how Paula refers to her rat, who is always up for a tasty snack.

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Foreign Correspondents


Zainab Kandoro

I visited the site and looks nice to me, today we had a conversation with a man who keeps monkeys with him and managed to make some digital photos which will then be attached to you!
With thanks,
Zainab Kandoro,
Tanga- Tanzania.


Ray Brown

I’’ve always found it interesting to see how differently people react to various kinds of rodents. Many people think hamsters, for example, are “cute” or “nice” or “cuddly,” or all three. But many of those same people probably find rats to be ugly and frightening and most undesirable. Maybe the trick is to look closely at these animals. Certainly the face of a rat is not very different from, for example, a squirrel, and few people would run away screaming when a squirrel was seen nearby.

Of course, we associate rats with dark places and sewers and think of them skulking about at night, and this surely contributes to our dread of them, but as we’ve seen in the vodcast, when they’re in a different environment they can seem quite attractive, and for some, lovable.

For me, it doesn’t make sense to ascribe characteristics such as “sweet” and “loving” to a rat or a hamster. I personally find this a kind of anthropomorphizing. To me, it’s the observer who possesses these warm qualities. At least I find them so when I see them expressing such affection for these little creatures.

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