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Setting the Alarm Clock for 2 a.m.

Afbeelding Kees Breek has to be an early bird to catch the thrush family. But from what we hear, he doesn't mind it at all.

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Two Sisters Go Ornithological

Afbeelding "Oh look! There are two reed buntings."
"No they’re not. They’re bearded reedlings!"
"Yesss! There’s a male. Fantastic!
"Oh dear... Why am I so slow with the binoculars?"

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The Most Sought-After Bird in the Netherlands

Afbeelding Gamekeepers Teun and Jan burst out laughing when Esther decided to make sound recordings in the Oostvaardersplassen. Why? Because an exceptional bird had appeared at that very moment… 

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The Flying Bird Counters

Afbeelding Esther doesn't accompany people on foot in this film. Instead she seeks a higher plain and flies with the bird counters Mervyn Roos en Jacques Ruinnaard. 

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The Troating of the Deer

Afbeelding Esther goes in search of 'the troating of the deer'. Volunteer Leo van As takes her into the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve at 5 o'clock in the morning. Will she hear troating?

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