Radio Oostvaart

Today's conversation
between people and animals
in the town' the country
and at the farmer's

The project

Radio Oostvaart is an art project by Esther Polak (link naar kunstenaar). In three weeks from 4 to 24 September she will be making a total of 15 vodcasts (link naar vodcasts) in three completely different areas (link naar gebieden) around Almere.

Through these vodcasts, Esther will show how people from these areas interact with their animals. How do they talk to these creatures? Does a farmer deal with his cattle differently than the way in which a child treats his rabbit? And how does a bird watcher communicate with a bird?

Esther will spend the first week in the Oostvaardersbuurt neighbourhood, where she will make recordings of people and their pets. The next week she will be living on a farm to discover how farmers deal with their animals. For the final week, she will move to a secret location in the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. Here, she will be making vodcasts with the forestry keepers, who study and sometimes even manage the wild animals that live there. In the company of bird watchers, Esther will also go out in search of the extraordinary birds that populate the reserve.

Until 4 September, you can watch the trial film 'Theun Amongst the Wild Horses' both on the website, and by means of the vodcast.

Esther: I hope that people will look at the different ways of dealing with animals. People living or working just a mile away from each other can have a completely different approach to these creatures.

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