Radio Oostvaart

Today's conversation
between people and animals
in the town' the country
and at the farmer's


SITUATIONS / the Oostvaardersbuurt neighbourhood/ Radio Oostvaart was commissioned by the Municipality of Almere / Museum De Paviljoens.

Apart from the artist Esther Polak (link naar kunstenaar), many other people have also been involved with the launching of Radio Oostvaart.

The Radio Oostvaart team consists of:

Astrid Schumacher, our vital production colleague
Gerbrand Oudenaarden, who keeps the technology working

Jesper Buursink, production

Jet Mok, who writes the Dutch texts

Annie Wright, who translates the Dutch texts into English
Arnold Hoogerwerf, who helps with the video editing and advised us about the notice board
Willlem van der Hulst, who made the notice board
Michel Langendijk, who is the communications co-ordinator at the Museum De Paviljoens
Marja Feltkamp, who is responsible for the blogs' communication

Lex Koetzier, who built the website

Corine Datema, who designed the Radio Oostvaart logo

Nicoline Wijnja, who is the co-ordinator for art in the public space at the Museum De Paviljoens

With thanks to:

The Municipality of Almere: Monique van der Plas, the area manager for Almere Buiten, and Marca Jongejeugd, the DMO account holder

The Museum De Paviljoens: Macha Roesink, the director of the Museum De Paviljoens

The BNG cultural fund
Berg and Daal Vets, for putting up the Oostvaardersbuurt notice board
De Alliantie Flevoland, for Esther's accommodation in the Oostvaardersbuurt
The Dorrestein family, for letting Esther stay at the farm

Staatsbosbeheer Oostvaardersplassen, for Esther's accommodation in the nature reserve

NUON, for providing Esther with solar energy at the Oostvaardersplassen


Trial film:
1 Theun Koops is a forestry keeper, who watches over the 700 horses in the nature reserve.

The neighbourhood
1 Paula Meijer
2 Jeanet Schuch
3 Andre van Vugt
4 Robert Schol
5 Anouar Chaara

The farm
1 Piet van IJzendoorn
2 Jaap Maarsingh
3 Rianne Meijer
4 Bert Talens
5 Ries Dorrestein

1 Leo van As
2 Mervyn Roos and Jacques Ruinnaard
3 Jan Griekspor and Teun Koops
4 Conny Leijdekker and Trudy Winthorst
5 Kees Breek


Kieko Hirano
Inga Racinska
Geraldine Nooter
Zainab Kandoro
Ray Brown
Familie Muilwijk


Thanks are also due to the following people, without whose wise advice Radio Oostvaart would never have been possible:
Hanno Lans
Jan Hartholt
Vincent Wigbelt
Marcel van Ool
Ivar van Bekkum
Liesbeth Melis
Marjolijn Ruyg
Danielle Arets

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