Radio Oostvaart

Today's conversation
between people and animals
in the town' the country
and at the farmer's

The area

The landscape that Radio Oostvaart covers is extraordinary in that it consists of three totally different areas. GoogleEarth and Esther’s drawing show this quite clearly.



This environment is one of the reasons why Esther decided to develop Radio Oostvaart. Over the years a residential area, farming land and a nature reserve have grown up alongside each other. The farms and the city were planned, but the nature reserve developed spontaneously. There has always been a layer of water, and the keepers have released deer, horses and Heck cattle so as to keep this area open. Bird watchers are discovering an increasing number of birds and – for the first time ever in the Netherlands – a sea eagle was born here this spring!

This is where we are! It is here in this built-up area that Esther will be starting her project. You can also see the straight lines of the farming land below where she will be making the second week of vodcasts. The nature reserve is located above and to the right, and this is where she will be spending the last week.


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