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between people and animals
in the town' the country
and at the farmer's

How to Vodcast?

Esther Polak, the artist behind this project, will spend three weeks making vodcasts. She will visit people each day. The first week she will be in the Oostvaardersbuurt neighbourhood, the second week she will meet farmers in the adjoining agricultural area, and the third week will be spent amongst the lakes of the Oostvaardersplassen. The recordings that are made at these locations will then be turned into vodcasts. The Project section contains further information about these recordings.

What is a vodcast?

A vodcast is a bit like a TV broadcast. However, it is not transmitted to a television but by means of a computer. The advantage is that you can watch it whenever you want to, and not just at 7 p.m. because that's the way the channel has programmed it. Radio Oostvaart's vodcasts will always be available on this website.

If you have a video mp3 player such as an iPod video you will be able to watch these vodcasts. This means that you can watch them not only whenever you want but also wherever you are: in the queue at the supermarket, on the balcony at home or on the train. All you need to do is download the vodcast.

Downloading your vodcasts

To download this vodcast, you will need a special program such as iTunes. iTunes opens automatically. With any other program you must copy the 'feed' from the first page, open the podcast program and then add the feed in the correct way for that program. The new films will then arrive each day of their own accord!
A new episode of Radio Oostvaart will be available each day on the website.

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