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between people and animals
in the town' the country
and at the farmer's

The artist

Here, artist Esther is working on the preparations for the Radio Oostvaart project. She is interviewing Theun, the forestry keeper.

The artist

The quickest way to get to know someone is to listen to her talk about herself. So I presented the artist Esther Polak with five questions.

Esther, tell me about yourself.

I went to art school in The Hague where I studied classical painting. Even then, I was fascinated by landscape paintings. I'm always looking for ways of depicting landscape that reflect our modern times. Exploring nature with your easel is fine, but you can also do it in a more contemporary way. Radio Oostvaart is one of these options: documenting your surroundings through vodcast.

How was Radio Oostvaart created?

Museum de Paviljoens and the Municipality of Almere asked me to consider the Oostvaardersbuurt neighbourhood. I was struck by its extraordinary location, and I thought it would be interesting to record this. So I began to think about how I could do that. An essential difference between the areas is the way in which people interact with the animals that play a very important role in all three districts. There are pets in the town, animals such as cows and ducks in the country, and the nature reserve consists exclusively of wild animals.

What do you expect of Radio Oostvaart?

I really hope that the people from this region will think about the different ways of relating to animals, and how this varies from area to area. In addition, we're publicising Radio Oostvaart abroad, and I hope that we will have visitors from throughout the world.

Esther recording sounds at the Oostvaarderplassen nature reserve.

How are you approaching Radio Oostvaart?

Each week, I will be staying in a different part of the region. I think I'll feel at home there. Hopefully, I'll also learn a lot about the town, nature and the country. We're still looking for a house or a family where I will be able to stay in the Oostvaardersbuurt neighbourhood. I'll be parking my caravan at one of the farms, and I'll be staying at a secret location in the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. It's all very exciting! I hope that I will get to hear the mating call of the deer. That's supposed to be truly extraordinary…

How do you want people to experience Radio Oostvaart?

I hope that they will be curious and will watch every day, just like you watch the news on TV. And that they're enthusiastic and will tell other people about it.

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