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23 september - Visitors of the afterparty take a look at the notice board.

21 september - Working in The Oostvaardersplassen-area.

20 september - Esther edits the sound fragments of her vodcasts on a pc. She uses her Apple for editing the images and the vodcast.

21 september - Crossing the Oostvaardersplassen on her fold bicycle.

21 september - Solar panels installed by Nuon supply Esther with electricity during her stay in teh Oostvaardersplassen.

20 september - Eight o'clock in the morning. Esther is ready to go on tour with forresters Jan and Teun.

Forrester Jan's dog likes to go with them. Ofcourse, and sad for the dog, such a thing is impossible.

20 september - Ready to leave for the Oostvaardersplassen. Forresters usually go on their own, for this occasion Jan and Teun accompany Esther together.

13 september  Stella Leenders is interviewing Esther for an article in the newspaper Gooi en Eemlander.

11 september: The moon rising.

11 september: At the farm, Esther is working late in her caravan.

9 september  Ending the neighbourhood-week. Gerbrand starts packing.

8 September: The fastest internet connection is in the attic

7 September: You have to put the rubbish out on Thursday.

6 September: Making recordings of André's ara.

5 September: Hard at work in the Radio Oostvaart studio.

4 September: Esther moves into the Oostvaardersbuurt neighbourhood.

Gerbrand on the ladder:
Preparing the house on the Willem de Vlaminghstraat for Esther's stay.

We're already hard at work even though the project will only be starting on 4 September. Here are a few of the preparations and developments.

Before the actual project can start, we first have to make trial vodcasts for Radio Oostvaart. On this photo, Esther is making recordings of Anouar, who is sitting with his rabbit Huppie on his lap.

Let me think... Here we are at the street office. After all, the Radio Oostvaart team has to be flexible!

The notice board – for the people who can't watch the films at home – must also be made. Willem is working hard so that people will soon be able to see the vodcasts on the notice board at Berg and Daal Vets. 

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