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COUNTRY 22.09.06

Setting the Alarm Clock for 2 a.m.

Afbeelding Kees Breek has to be an early bird to catch the thrush family. But from what we hear, he doesn't mind it at all.

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COUNTRY 21.09.06

Two Sisters Go Ornithological

Afbeelding "Oh look! There are two reed buntings."
"No they’re not. They’re bearded reedlings!"
"Yesss! There’s a male. Fantastic!
"Oh dear... Why am I so slow with the binoculars?"

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COUNTRY 20.09.06

The Most Sought-After Bird in the Netherlands

Afbeelding Gamekeepers Teun and Jan burst out laughing when Esther decided to make sound recordings in the Oostvaardersplassen. Why? Because an exceptional bird had appeared at that very moment… 

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COUNTRY 19.09.06

The Flying Bird Counters

Afbeelding Esther doesn't accompany people on foot in this film. Instead she seeks a higher plain and flies with the bird counters Mervyn Roos en Jacques Ruinnaard. 

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FARMER 15.09.06

A Love For White Headed Cattle

Afbeelding Ries Dorresteijn feeds his yearlings and young cattle in his own special way. "The White Headed is my favourite!" However, his sons – who will take over the cows on the dairy farm – would prefer a different breed.

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COUNTRY 18.09.06

The Troating of the Deer

Afbeelding Esther goes in search of 'the troating of the deer'. Volunteer Leo van As takes her into the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve at 5 o'clock in the morning. Will she hear troating?

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FARMER 14.09.06

An adventures cow

Afbeelding Corrie, Bert's oldest cow, is 14, and has produced 100,000 litres of milk. "Recently she managed to get the gate open and was playing in hay. That's what's so great about these old animals. They never lose their sense of adventure!"

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FARMER 13.09.06

The Reed Contains a Calf

Afbeelding Pony's don't like some kinds of grass, including dead grass. Ten-year-old Rianne also knows everything about cows: They really like playing together or lying in the meadow.

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FARMER 12.09.06

The Ducklings Take a Quick Nap

Afbeelding Yes, it's marvellous. I can sit on that pile of straw over there and just take it all in.

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FARMER 11.09.06

Horse is not a Hothouse Plant

Afbeelding Organic farmer Piet van IJsendoorn's horses stay outside both in the summer and the winter. It makes them smart, and that's great for the future owner.

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TOWN 08.09.06

A Kiss for Tommie

Afbeelding Anouar's rat is called Tommie. He's just seven weeks old and today he's going to school.

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TOWN 07.09.06

The Dog as Thermometer

Afbeelding When my kids get sick, Bimbo - the big one - whines outside the bedroom door. When I go and take a look, it turns out that the kid’s got a temperature or an ear ache…

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TOWN 06.09.06

The Man with the Beautiful Ara

Afbeelding When Joppie sits the garden, the neighbourhood turns into a nature film

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TOWN 05.09.06

Cats Let the Dog Out

Afbeelding When Jeanet lets the dog out, her cats Basje and Pippie come too. The friends walk together in a neat group, and sometimes look around, just like Jeanet.

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TOWN 04.09.06

The Rat Who Is Always Up for a Tasty Snack

Afbeelding Paula has pet rats. "Little Piggy," is how Paula refers to her rat, who is always up for a tasty snack.

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